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Ailixing is a very good supplier!
Source:Australia | Author:Adam Miller | Publish time: 2017-03-05 | 1903 Views | Share:

Hello Ailixing,

This is Adam Miller from Australia dealing with party articles. Ailixing factory is my very good supplier. I have been cooperating since
 2010. As I was a small client, at the beginning I was afraid Ailixing would quote a high price in my small quantity. But when I first asked them price on my quantity, they quoted me really good price, and with low express shipping cost(delivered by DHL). During our communications, in order to confirm everything correct, I sometimes emailed them when they were off work time. They replied me in time and were very patient to answer my questions. As for their Good price and excellent service, my first order went smoothly. 

Here I would like to share everyone one truth thing. I was moved by Ailixing and it made me feel Ailixing special and different from other company.The following orders went by DHL, Ailixing told me how much exact shipping cost after sending goods. They would refund shipping cost if I paid more in advance. Tell truth! As clients, we need such an honest and sincere supplier! Honest can bring us more and more business. 
We have been cooperating with each other for 7 years. My business is becoming larger and larger. Thanks to Ailixing! It helps me grow stronger and stronger now.

I believe we will keep long-term business with each other. Thank you!

Best regards,
Adam Miller